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Custom CDs

Search for an artist or a song to check for availability at several online stores.
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About Custom CDs
Custom CDs allow you to pick any combination of artists and songs. You can usually choose the song order and the cover art. A custom-made compact disc is manufactured with your selections and sent to you. It is a good way to make compilations of your favorite songs without having to pay for songs you don't want to hear. Custom CDs can be a great idea for gifts, parties, special events, or holidays.
On the downside, full-length custom CDs can be somewhat more expensive than their mass market counterparts. Also the number of available titles can be limited, especially for popular hits, because vendors need to have special agreements with the artists or record companies.
Featured Vendors
Store Description Pricing
CDNOW Fairly large number of titles. No search. Minimum: $19.99 for 12 songs
$2.99 & up for shipping
Sales tax in CA, FL, NJ, NY, PA
imix.com Large selection of over 200,000 titles. Provides custom CDs for many other online stores. Minimum: $5.99 base price
about $0.99 per song
$2.00 & up for shipping
Sales tax in CT
Ktel.com Large collection of cover art for special occasions. Minimum: $12.99 for 10 songs
$0.99 per additional song
FREE shipping
Sales tax in CA, MN
musicmaker.com Over 200,000 titles available. Minimum: $9.95 for 5 songs
$1.00 per additional song
$2.95 & up for shipping
Sales tax in VA

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